I haven’t talked too much about BridgeNet here, the City of New Westminster’s fibre optic utility initiative. It is one of those things in the City that I am less involved in, as I am not on the Economic Development or Intelligent City committees, though it is an idea of which I am supportive. There […]

Vacancy Tax

Homes in the lower mainland are getting to be too expensive for people working in the lower mainland to afford. There are few who would argue this point. It was all fun when we watched the $1Million line march eastward across the City of Vancouver, then the $2Million line, but now single family homes in […]

Ask Pat: 8th Street

Pedestrian asks— What is the future of 8th Street? Reading through the Master Transportation Plan I believe that I’ve spotted some inconsistencies. For example, on page 90 8th St is noted as a Great Street and that with a consistent 30 metre right of way it could become four lanes from Downtown to the Burnaby […]

ASK PAT: Car allowance

Mark asks— Hi Pat A question regarding the recent council compensation recommendations, specifically the car allowance. Given the city and council’s vocal support for increased transit spending, reducing traffic in the city and it’s occasional touting of how great the city is in terms of transportation mode share, why would council (well, you at least […]

Council – July 4, 2016

July 4th was our last regularly-scheduled Council Meeting of the summer, so we had a pretty lengthy agenda. We started with a couple of Provincial awards recently won by our Parks and Rec Department, and another won by our Planning Department. I’m super proud of the work our staff is doing, and am happy to […]

Must Read

Caveat lector

This site is a Blog. It started because I like to write, and often have many things to say. Back in the Naughts, I started by blogging about things going on in New West, my experiences with the New Westminster Environmental Partners, local/regional/national politics, general “environmental stuff”, and random thoughts about whatever struck me at […]




This is the latest in my continuing series on how inept I am at continuing my series on the things I am up to in the community outside of the regular Council Meeting schedule. However, there was so much happening on Sunday, it is worth trying to post. June 12 is Philippine Independence Day. In […]


Community Update update

I’m having a little trouble with the “community” posts here. I was hoping originally to give a weekly update of what I have been doing in the community when I’m not in Council meetings, to give people a better idea of what Council life is like. It is also (apparently) obligatory for politicians to post […]


Community – Ides of April edition

I’ve been busy. Not the least with riding in (and recovering from) my first long bike ride of the year. The Pacific Populaire is 100km, 700+ riders, and on a beautiful spring day like we had last Sunday, pretty much the best 4 hours a person can spend. We had a great turnout from the […]


Community – the rest of March.

My plan to provide regular Smilin’-Politician-in-the-Community blog posts keeps getting derailed. But let’s see if I can catch up since my last report about two weeks ago, because I have been smiling quite a bit. We had a meeting of the Mayor’s Public Engagement Taskforce, which has been doing some pretty cool work as of late […]