Council – Dec 4, 2017

Wow. What a week. Much to talk about, too much to do, but first things first, my report on the happenings of Monday’s Council. This meeting started with an Opportunity for Public Comment: Five Year Financial Plan (2017-2021) Amendment Bylaw No. 7938, 2017 The City operates on a budgeting process that requires all expenditures to […]

Council – Nov 27, 2017

I got so busy reviewing the December 4th Council reports and ranting about roads, I totally forgot I haven’t yet blogged about the last Council meeting! It’s been a busy week… The following seven (7!) items came to Public Hearing: Zoning Amendment Bylaw (Density Bonus Rates) No. 7947, 2017 Density Bonusing is one way that the […]

Bikes on the SFPR

Bike lanes are in the news a bit again, here in New West, and out in one of our higher-profile western suburbs. It got me thinking about good and bad cycling infrastructure, and I haven’t gone off on a rant on this blog for a while, so make a cup of tea, because I am […]

Truth before Reconciliation

We had a discussion at Council this week on the next steps for Truth and Reconciliation. As I noted in my Council Report, I didn’t support the staff recommendation to launch a Task Force to bring partners together and talk about an implementation strategy. I suggested that we may be headed down the wrong path, […]

Council – Nov. 20, 2017

Our Council meeting on Monday was an emotional roller-coaster. There was some good news and some great discussions about the future of reconciliation, measuring our OCP, and empowering diversity in the City on the Agenda, but we started with a challenging situation where decisions have real human impacts. Remedial Action Order – 509 Eleventh Street […]

Must Read

Caveat lector

This site is a Blog. It started because I like to write, and often have many things to say. Back in the Naughts, I started by blogging about things going on in New West, my experiences with the New Westminster Environmental Partners, local/regional/national politics, general “environmental stuff”, and random thoughts about whatever struck me at […]


This happened…

I was lucky to be able to join Jagmeet Singh on a small group bike ride around downtown Vancouver yesterday, as part of his whistle-stop on the west coast going into next week’s NDP leadership vote. Although many Canadians only know Singh from the strange racist thing that happened at one of his campaign events […]


As I noted a little earlier, this summer has been pretty active in New West. This last weekend the trend continued with the annual Pride Street Party. There were community groups booths, three stages with entertainment, an active kid’s area, beer gardens, food trucks, and local restaurants and beer gardens were filled to overflowing. While […]

Friday on Front

Yikes. That was a crowd. I had a slight sense that our little Grand Opening on the Front Street Mews was going to have a big turnout. It had all the elements – a new public space, nice weather, music, and a Beer Truck. Still, I think the turnout was about 5x planning estimates. Which […]

Music by the River

The City tried a bit of an experiment on Thursday Night. We permitted the Arts Council to offer a few hours of free music at the Pier Park, set up a few artisan booths, and (gasp) offer beer and wine for sale in an open-licence model that allows families to sit together and responsibly enjoy […]

Rent Bank Launch

It was a great day today for the official launch of the New Westminster Rent Bank. Members of City Council met at the Purpose Society with the organizers and financial backers of this program. The City’s role was to help with logistics and provide a modest grant to help with administration costs, but the real […]